We can all recall our stationery from school: the scented gel pens, the variety of pencil cases, the novelty rubbers, pencils and much more. Stationery is a source of nostalgia for some but for children not only does it bring some fun into their school life, it is also nice for them to have something that is personalised to them and to their needs. Covid 19 has changed many things, but thankfully schools have been allowed to open as of 8th of March, which means the back-to-school shopping will begin for a last-minute scramble of stationery items that are needed throughout the school year. We know how important the right stationery is for students and we understand the specific items needed for school. We have worked with brands such as Helix, Pukka and our own brand Star Online to make sure that we have everything that you need.



Let’s begin with a school necessity, a notebook. This is important for taking notes and recording everything all in one place for the school year. Our notebooks come with intriguing designs that make note taking more fun. With our wide range of notebooks be sure to find one just right for you!


These are an absolute necessity! Students are constantly using pens to take notes and revise so why not add a touch of fun? Explore our unique variety of pens with a range of designs and find one that suits you the best.

Stationery Sets

Not sure exactly what you need? Browse through our collection to find out what we have to offer, and we are sure you will find something just right for you!

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